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  • my name is rebecca sawyer, i live in the great northwest with my dh, steve, our girls, jessica and meagen, an 11 year old border collie/lab, zoe who thinks she's still 2, and an incorrigible african grey named mr. moto, who, when he's in the mood, will donate a red tail feather or two for my books!

    i have been making albums and books for 13 years now, my, does the time fly! it really started when my sister and i started our family history search, i decided that it was all too important to preserve our memories, to keep our photos and papers in a safe place, so future generations will be able to glimpse into our existence and maybe see themselves. it then occurred to me that we all need to do this and i started designing albums and altered book albums for others, it's become my passion. it's what i think about, it's what i do.

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