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  • i take great care in making sure that every kit i build is something that you will have fun putting together and the end product will be an album that you will be able to enjoy for years to come! if ever, there is something missing from your kit, or you wold like to ask me a question, feel free to email me, please, so that i may get it out to you in the next post. we have printed a materials list with what's included in your kit so that if you should tear a piece of paper wrong or ruin a piece of mica, for instance, you will be able to pick a replacement up at your local craft store.

    the main thing is, i want you to be happy and have fun with your album kits! after completing, add some fun things to it like fibers, charms, clips, pins, journaling, your own ephemera, anything and everything you can think of! or, keep it simple and just add your precious photographs, because that is what i have in mind when i design each of these albums, including the altered book albums, an interactive, fun and safe place to keep all those memories.

    thank you, now, go, create! -rebecca

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