> Making a Matchbook Album

the end result of this tiny album will measure: 2.5" wide by 4" when closed. it is the perfect size for those wallet size school pictures!

you will need:
-assorted scraps of double-sided paper
-scoring tool (i use an embossing stylist)
-bone folder (or any tool that is hard and smooth)
-awl, hole punch or stapler (i used a thick
carpet needle)
-2 small brads, eyelets, ribbon or a staple

you will start with the cover. cut paper (double-sided cardstock weight is the best) to 2.5" wide by 8.5" long. you will be scoring this piece on the outside front, from the bottom up, so *be aware of your pattern*; make sure when it folds over, like a matchbook, that the front cover pattern is looking like you want it to look!

make 4 scores at:
-1/2" from (outside bottom)
-1/8 from first score
-4" from 1/8" score
-1/8 from last score
carefully fold paper at each score line. your cover is complete and that was the hardest part!

you now cut assorted papers to 2.5" by 3 7/8". i used 6 different scraps of paper. these will be attached to the bottom 1/2" flap with brads, staples or whatever your imagination can come up with. i used small brads so i could add pages if i needed to.
-punch 2 holes or a staple towards the
*bottom half* of the folded 1/2" flap, so the
cover can be held under the top half of the 1/2" flap.
-stack the pages and punch corresponding holes.
-score each page 1/2" from the bottom edge.
-restack pages and position inside album.
-insert brads.

now you have a matchbook album! embellish as desired, or not. you can adjust the measurements and orientation to hold whatever size photos you have.

wasn't this fun?