> Making an Accordion Pocket Album

the end result of this tiny accordion pocket album will measure: 3" wide by 4.5" tall, when closed. it will open to 4.5" tall X 12" wide with 4 pocket pages and 3 tags.
you will need:
- 1- 9" X 12" piece of double-sided printed card stock.
- ruler
- scoring tool (i use an embossing stylist)
- bone folder (or any tool that is hard and smooth)
- awl and/or hole punch
- 12 brads, eyelets, or snaps
- 1 photo turn with brad
- tab tie
- scraps of coordinating papers for tags, no smaller than 2"
wide X 4.25" tall.
- scraps of coordinating papers for booklet and
embellishments; stamps and/or stickers could be used.

Note: fold up on your score line using a bone folding tool for a nice, flat fold

Note: fold up on your score line using a bone folding tool for a nice, flat fold

taking the 9" X 12" piece of card stock (since this piece is the cover, showing both on outside and inside, *be aware* that the pattern you choose is not a one directional design, or, in other words, when folded in half it won't be upside- down on the inside) score down the center lengthwise, fold in half on your score line using your bone folder tool. folding this piece like an *accordion* or fan, will give you your little album. score at the mid point (6") and fold back, score on each side of this fold, at the mid point (3") and fold forward.

- tear a diagonal strip off the top of page 1 and secure
down with brads, eyelets, or snaps.

- cut or punch a half circle in the top of page 2.

- cut between pages 3 and 4 to the halfway point. cut a
diagonal piece off of page 3, fold over and secure with
brads, eyelets, or snaps.

- score about 3/4" from the top of page 4 and fold down
using your bone folding tool. cut or punch a square in the
door and attach a tab tie.

cut the book board, chipboard or mat board to fit the front and back covers *plus* about 1/8" to spare around each side. so, for this album the cover will measure: 3.25" X 4.75".

cut a piece of paper to cover mat board *plus* 1/2" on each side, fold edges to back, cut corners diagonally, snip to corners, glue to front using 'yes' brand glue. using a brayer, flatten and get all bubbles out, fold edges to back, glue, and once again use your brayer to flatten.

you can now glue the covers on your album. if desired, sandwich a ribbon, cord or what ever you might like to use to keep it cosed, between the album and the cover. i used a 13" piece of leather lacing centered, sandwiched and glued to the back.

don't forget to use your brayer with pressure, to make sure the contact is strong and the glue is squished out the sides.

the finished cover with "cowpoke" printed on cardstock, mounted on mat board and glued onto cover.

i made the tags from vintage images- printed on acid and lignin free copy paper, inked, glued to card stock and backed with another piece of card stock.

i made pull tags from leather, twine and card stock.

now the fun starts! embellish! the little booklet on this pictured album is 2" X 2 1/2", and is glued on the front of the pocket using 'yes' brand glue. as a matter of fact all my gluing is done with 'yes', it has low water content so it doesn't ~RiPpLe~, i love it, although, it is messy, sticky, icky and you need warm water handy. here i have used a photo turn to keep the booklet closed, you need not use anything. just apply charms, words, images tags, whatever you can think of and have fun!

thanks for this idea goes to tracy neihues, an artist featured in "the art of collage" by pinecone press