> Making an Envelope Album

the end result of this envelope album will measure: 3.75" by 5.25" when closed.

you will need:

-the envelope template
- 6 assorted coordinating scraps of double-sided card stock (for this sized album, no smaller than 7" X 8.25")
-paper cutter (i used an xacto knife)
-scoring tool (i use an embossing stylist)
-bone folder (or any tool that is hard and smooth)
-glue ( i used "uhu-twist and glue")
-hole punch
-ribbon (about 18")



here is a template of the envelope i did, it could be enlarged a bit, or just make a smaller one as it comes out of your printer. or you could use any envelope, but if you are saving original photos, they should be acid/lignin free. plus with all the fun, double sided card stock, you may just have enough in your scrap box to make one of these. okay lets start, it is very easy and fast!

you will start by cutting out this envelope form, trace it on your card stock, cut it out carefully, score on the outside (where i made the solid black lines) and using your folding tool, fold up, or in.

glue the larger bottom flap to the side small flaps. (of course, i had to gunk it up first, with ink!) do this with all envelopes, and arrange them in a horizontal line as you want them to show. you then glue the closing flap to the back (or actually the front) of the next envelope and continue until all six are glued together in a line.

this is what they look like glued together. you now fold them accordion style and the flap of the last envelope will fold over the first envelope and become the closure i made a score and fold on this flap at about 3/8" from the original fold so that it would have a nice clean look. you could score out from that as you add photos and the album has more bulk. now you punch a hole in the center front of the flap and tie a ribbon through the hole and wrap it around the album and tie a bow. voila. your album is complete, it is now time to embellish!

this is what it looks like lengthwise, you could actually hang it on the wall and display your photos like this.

this is what it will look like sitting on a table or bookshelf. you can add tags in the pockets for the photos and/or add embellishments to the outside of the pockets and you could add mats on the back for more photos! very fun huh?

it would be a great gift for grandparents or aunts and uncles or friends and sisters and brothers!

i love this album! i love these papers! go for it and have fun.